Almost Blue by Carlo Lucarelli
Translated from the Italian by Oonagh Stransky
A City Lights Italian Voices Title
ISBN: 0-87286-389-1

Trade paperback original, 184pp - $11.95

A dynamic woman detective and a blind man pursue a bizarre killer through Bologna's post-punk underground

"ALMOST BLUE . . . has a nice punkish flavor in Oonagh Stranskyís translation from the Italian. . . . itís a thrill being in that darkened room with Simone as he eavesdrops on the killer. . . . Eerie."
ó Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review, November 4th, 2001

". . . wonderful . . . the writing through most of the book is tight, the blind manís view of the world through his ears intensely imagined, and the streets of the solemn city wholly engaging."
ĖWashington Post October 18, 2001

Carlo Lucarelli was born in 1960 in Modena, Italy. One of the most exciting young writers in Europe, he has written eleven novels, all of them noirs. Almost Blue is his top-selling book. Lucarelli hosts a popular TV series that examines unsettling and unsolved crimes and the urban centers in which they occur. He also teaches writing in Torino, sings in a post-punk band, and edits an on-line magazine, Incubatoio 16. Almost Blue and many of his other books have been translated and published in Europe. This is the first to be published in the United States.

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